Thursday, September 1, 2011


Fern was one of many kittens found in a box along a path (they were rescued, of course), and my sister decided her manx, Gracie, needed a friend. They named Fern after a Maine Coon that we got our mom for her 40th birthday, who she chose to name Forty. Forty was the most special cat in the world-- he was as cross-eyed as they come, double jointed to the point of circus-freakishness, and couldn't meow-- he'd just say "mehhhhhhhhhhhh" and that was it. How they got Fern from Forty is confusing, I know, but us kids had a separate language for our cats, and Forty was always called "Ferncheim Ichobofern". My family is so weird!

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    Fern is adorable...he favors my Rocky a little bit, aren't Maine Coon's something?! They are little hoots :) Your blog is so beautiful and so is your photograghy...I look forward to exploring the pages here I'd love to see the nature scenes in your area...I know it's a site to behold up there....I fell in love with East TN when we visited there several years ago, and we went through NC and it is so beautiful there too. Hope you have a wonderful day and once again, it's so nice to meet you.
    Big hugs,