Thursday, September 1, 2011


Fern was one of many kittens found in a box along a path (they were rescued, of course), and my sister decided her manx, Gracie, needed a friend. They named Fern after a Maine Coon that we got our mom for her 40th birthday, who she chose to name Forty. Forty was the most special cat in the world-- he was as cross-eyed as they come, double jointed to the point of circus-freakishness, and couldn't meow-- he'd just say "mehhhhhhhhhhhh" and that was it. How they got Fern from Forty is confusing, I know, but us kids had a separate language for our cats, and Forty was always called "Ferncheim Ichobofern". My family is so weird!

Luke's Spaghetti Adventure

Gracie Rose