Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Red & Dixie

This evening I photographed Red and Dixie, a couple of really cute beagles!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tank & Liberty

One of my favorite parts about visiting horse stables are the dogs... well, these aren't 100% stable dogs! But they love spending time around the horses, and they have such sweet personalities.
Tank had been messing around in some hay, hence the hay sprinkled muzzle.
Liberty looks quite the sophisticated lady!

A Day at the Stables

My husband is always coming up with neat people/places/animals to go see. Today we went to see his friend, Tracy, in his horse stable. We had talked about riding horses, but then it started pouring rain and so we got to help with the brushing (well, I only helped a little!) and watch Tracy shoe the horses. As usual, I had my camera in tow, so I took a few photographs to document the day.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Puppy Graduation

Bella (my mom's Great Dane) and Zoe graduated today from their puppy training class, and I decided to tag along to document the wonderful event. I did, of course, mention to my mom that she hadn't had a photographer at my graduation.... I'm feeling kind of ripped off.
Zoe and Bella had to get some "pre-graduation" jitters out before the big event.
Bella gave some love to Ryan, her trainer, after mauling him earlier.
Zoe was the happy recipient of a graduation doggy toy after her owner answered more questions right... of course, Mom was a little dramatic about her loss.
Bella and Zoe got their diplomas... now on to more schooling!
Zoe looked very regal in her graduation cap.
Sorry this one didn't turn out better, Ryan! Bella was a little uncooperative.
Bella also looked rather dignified in her graduation cap.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pregnancy is Glamorous!

Another favorite from Chara's maternity session..

The Old Ford

Blue House, Yellow Flowers

People must truly think I'm crazy when I ask if I can photograph things I've seen on their property. I saw these yellow flowers yesterday, and I liked the look of them against the blue house. I went by after work today and asked the owner if I could photograph the flowers. It didn't turn out quite like I was wanting, but I think if I went back on a sunnier day I might could get the blue brighter.

Dogs in the Hood

When I was out taking pictures this evening, I saw these two guys hanging around. I just thought they were so handsome!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stuart's Eagle Scout Ceremony

Today I had the privilege of photographing my sister-in-law's brother's Eagle Scout ceremony. I had never been to an Eagle Scout ceremony before, so I wasn't totally sure what to expect, but there were so many neat moments that I wound up shooting over 1,000 photos. I went through and picked my absolute favorites to post (a little preview for his parents!).
I saw Stuart's little hiking boots and knew I wanted to do something with them to show how young he was when he started his Boy Scout "career".
Apparently he has a lot more badges... they just wouldn't all fit on his sash!
Stuart and his dad are both lifelong Boy Scouts.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Used to be a Home...

There are a few older homes on our road that are falling apart, and I've been wanting to stop and photograph them. Today the light was beautiful outside, so I finally decided to stop and photograph one of them. You can see how beautiful the house used to be (although I think it's still beautiful in its own way).
I found this chair sitting by the house and I loved the abandoned look of it. I will definitely be going back by this house to photograph the chair some more!
These shingles make me think of a gingerbread house.... which makes me kind of hungry for sweets!

1950 Dodge Coronet

I've been seeing this car for several months now (it's not far from our house) and I finally decided to stop and ask the man who owns the land if I could photograph it. He was such a nice guy, and told me to photograph it all I wanted. I asked him how it came to be in the location, and he said he had driven it for a while and then just parked it. Apparently it's had some mishaps with a bulldozer, which explains why it's crushed in areas. It's a 1950 Dodge Coronet, and I love the shape of it. He said he's had several people stop to see if they could buy it, but he's always told them no because he thinks it's a landmark. I agree!